Mavella Photography began in 2007 as a passion project for two recent college graduates... guys that had been friends since middle school, that had gone their separate ways for college and were now rekindling a friendship over a shared hobby.  For 4 years that passion for photography and the enjoyment of being involved in a couple's wedding day drove Jake Bibler and Dan Minor to new heights in their photography.  Today, Dan has moved on to a highly fulfilling career as a lead pastor at an amazing church in downtown Sarasota, FL.  All the while, Jake's passion for photography has kept growing.  While most wedding photographers in today's wedding scene are part-time, Jake has turned his passion into a full-time photography career,  something that is a true gift and honor.  Being a part of the wedding day is something that is a joyous experience, regardless of which role one plays, so being a member of the industry as a wedding vendor in a job that brings constant enjoyment.  We hope that you find the joy in planning your wedding day, and that we can be there to capture the emotions as you live them out!


At Mavella, we believe that the best wedding photography comes from immersing ourselves in your wedding day.  Rather than forcing our clients to choose which part of the day will be covered, we prefer to allow our clients to plan their wedding the way they would like it... we'll just be there capturing all the good stuff!